Case Study

BEHN Gallery

About The Company

BEHN Gallery is a premier art gallery located in the picturesque Village of West Clay in Carmel, Indiana. Our gallery showcases the work of Roben Bellomo and Jim Hamel, two talented photographic artists who are dedicated to bringing meaningful and inspiring artwork to your personal and professional spaces. In addition to their work, BEHN Gallery also features the work of other renowned artists from around the world.

The Project | Branding & Logo Design

BEHN Gallery recognized the importance of having a strong visual identity to help promote their gallery and establish their brand. As they prepared to launch their new gallery, they recognized the need for a new logo that would capture the essence of their artistic vision and communicate their unique identity to potential customers.

A new logo design would help to differentiate BEHN Gallery from other art galleries in the area and create a strong first impression with customers. It would also serve as a visual representation of the values and ethos that BEHN Gallery embodies, such as creativity and connection.

Through the development of a new logo, BEHN Gallery would be able to create a consistent and cohesive brand across all of their marketing materials, such as their website, social media, and physical signage. A strong and memorable logo would also help BEHN Gallery to build brand recognition and establish themselves as a leader in the local art community.

A mockup of the BEHN gallery logo on a burgundy square sign
3 mockups of the BEHN Gallery branding standards including fonts, colors, and logo treatements3 mockups of the BEHN Gallery logo treatementsA mockup of the BEHN Gallery brand colorsA mockup of the BEHN Gallery typefaces

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